Founded in 1999 as a telephone installation contractor, Triumph Construction Corp. is today an industry leader specializing in capital improvement and public works projects for numerous public agencies. Along the way, the company moved to the Hunts Point section of the Bronx, consolidated operations, and built its 16,000-square-foot Seneca Avenue headquarters.

Triumph Construction is honored to call Hunts Point home and is actively involved in the neighborhood, including its support of nearby La Peninsula Head Start, where each holiday season Triumph purchases gifts for the entire 125-student population. It’s just one example of the company’s commitment to its neighbors and to New York City, which continues to provide Triumph with an increasing range of projects and opportunities.

While our scope of accomplishment has grown over the years to include gas and electric service work and other areas, as well as major capital improvement projects and large-scale private-sector construction jobs, Triumph Construction remains a family owned and operated enterprise. Joining President and Founder Carlo Cuzzi are his sons, Dominick and Michael, and his daughter, Krystina. Along with members of the larger Triumph family, they have worked hard in the field and on the corporate side of the business to make Triumph one of the most sought-after contractors in New York City.

In the photo above, Triumph Construction’s Shirley Jacobs (left) and Krystina Cuzzi share time with students at La Peninsula Head Start. Each holiday season, Triumph plays Santa to the 125 boys and girls at the school, purchasing and wrapping everything on the children’s gift lists.

Triumph sets steel conduits for Con-Edison on 9th Avenue in Manhattan.